Blue October – Angels In Everything Lyric

I’ve sat at the back of the line for years, Wishing the world wouldn’t spin, I give in, alone again it appears. There were pieces of me that lived in corners on a hard wood floor. Until an Angel walked in through my door. Time stopped, the arch of her […]

Blue October – Sway Lyric

We sway Grabbed her by the hips and hand Then off we went Across the sanded floor She said “that’s not sand, it’s salt It will get worn like we did before” I only wanna dance with you Every time I try We only get an hour or so It’s […]

Blue October – Breathe It’s Over Lyric

How did he make the waves crash over? Care so much Is there anybody here? So I poked my head out Through the wounded stormy night Now I leave my door open Crushed salt and I’ve gotta learn To take flight. Breathe in……