Blue October – To Be Lyric

We asked God to remove our fear and direct our attention As to what He would have us to be (to be) What He would have us to be Just as happy, joyous, and free (free) He says when trouble comes cheerfully Capitalize it as an opportunity to demonstrate His […]

Blue October – Not Broken Anymore Lyric

I know how to let you leave How am I suppose to let you go? Now you stand in front of me And all the rain is turning into snow Can you tell me that you’re real So I can really know That everything I feel I can finally show […]

Blue October – Things We Do At Night Lyric

Thing we do at night Keeping it together ‘Til the morning light When you’re nobody’s somebody You want to be somebody’s somebody Things we do at night Keeping it together ‘Til the morning light When you’re nobody’s somebody But somebody forgot to say Hey, where’s the party baby All you […]

Blue October – Light You Up Lyric

I’m never gonna give up Remember what abuse did It’s time you look and face it As if you were in anyway understood It always lowered me to downsize It always lowered my faith But it’s in the corner rising next to me It’s in the corner like an upstage […]

Blue October – Put It In Lyric

It wouldn’t work couldn’t work Now it’s everybody wants some Whose to say whose to say That we’d never really go far. I wouldn’t care wouldn’t care If that’s all you ever hoped for “I used to follow you down, Now I follow you” Why walk away, walk away And […]

Blue October – Hard Candy Lyric

I used to act like a soldier I never even picked up a gun I used to dress like a hooker But never seemed to hook anyone I used to flow like a river Burning bridges people could cross I used to think I was a looker But look at […]

Blue October – Things We Don’t Know About Lyric

Sit upon my lap. Are you ready for bed? Wait just a second. Let me clear my head. I’ve got something to talk to you about And I think it’s going to be One of those nights where we sit up and talk awhile and Completely empty. I’ve something on […]

Blue October – Fear Lyric

All my life Been running from a pain in me A feeling I don’t understand Holding me down So rain on me Underwater All I am, getting harder A heavy weight I carry around Today I don’t have to fall apart I don’t have to be afraid I don’t have […]

Blue October – Debris Lyric

A fresh start Let me walk around your ball park A fever we can learn from Now just breathe it in It’s okay To want To have To take So embrace the one You can’t replace She’s the only woman Soft spot Shaking from the knees up Got me screaming […]

Blue October – Bleed Out Lyric

Close my eyes Feel you sigh A desperate aching wonder Will you ever, ever let me off my knees Wide awake Like a dream As simple as a secret Being told, told to everyone but me Will I Bleed out I gave it all But you can’t stop taking from […]