Blue October – Angels In Everything Lyric

I’ve sat at the back of the line for years, Wishing the world wouldn’t spin, I give in, alone again it appears. There were pieces of me that lived in corners on a hard wood floor. Until an Angel walked in through my door. Time stopped, the arch of her […]

Blue October – Sway Lyric

We sway Grabbed her by the hips and hand Then off we went Across the sanded floor She said “that’s not sand, it’s salt It will get worn like we did before” I only wanna dance with you Every time I try We only get an hour or so It’s […]

Blue October – Breathe It’s Over Lyric

How did he make the waves crash over? Care so much Is there anybody here? So I poked my head out Through the wounded stormy night Now I leave my door open Crushed salt and I’ve gotta learn To take flight. Breathe in……

The Lumineers – Boots Of Spanish Leather Lyric

Oh, I’m sailing away my own true love I’m sailing away in the morning Is there something I can sing you from across the sea? From the place where I’ll be landing No, there’s nothing you can send me, my own true love There’s nothing I’m wishing to be owning […]

The Lumineers – Sailor Song (Moitessier) Lyric

Loneliness oh won’t you let me be Let me be and I will set you free Don’t you think if it was up to me I would choose to be happy Let me go Say my goodbyes There’s no glory for me at the starting line I was on my […]

The Lumineers – White Lie Lyric

[Verse 1] As a kid, my hands were red When you asked me I denied it I’ve told lies that never came true I have stolen and so have you [Verse 2] If we can make it through another day With you believing in my innocence And we can make […]

The Lumineers – Everyone Requires A Plan Lyric

[Verse] He whispers secrets through a thick mustache And she listens to him Flicks her cigarette’s ash And smoke hangs velvet curtains And hides her lips And she hopes to hell it’s worth all her health risks [Pre-Chorus] I know it was you I know it was you [Chorus] ‘Cause […]

The Lumineers – Where The Skies Are Blue Lyric

[Verse 1] You’re gonna leave, it ain’t gonna break my heart, mama I’ve never seen nobody quite like you [Chorus] And if you ever change your tune Oh, the world’s got the best of you You can always find me where the skies are blue [Verse 2] Wanted to change, […]

The Lumineers – My Eyes Lyric

[Verse 1] Oh, the devil’s inside You opened the door You gave him a ride Too young to know, too old to admit That you couldn’t see how it ends [Chorus] What did you do to my eyes What did you sing to that lonely child Promised it all but […]

The Lumineers – Sick In The Head Lyric

People say I’m no good Write me off, oh yes they should Fuck ’em they’re just sick in the head They’re writing my history Think somebody should’ve asked me Everyone was safe in their beds Their beds And I said… I won’t live, won’t live like them Everyone, they’re all […]